Car Buying

Negotiating tips, money-saving tricks, and car buying advice from Your Auto Advocate team of experts.

Dealership F&I Office Glossary of Terms

If you’ve bought a car before, you’ve experienced the “F&I office.” Shrouded in secrecy, the F&I office, which stands for Finance and Insurance, is one of the greatest profit making centers within a car dealership. F&I Managers can be some of the highest...

3 signs you should walk away from a car deal

Undoubtedly, buying a car is one of the most challenging purchases you’ll ever endure (the key word here is “endure,” because it really can be a test of wills to buy a car). For many, purchasing a car, truck, or SUV is the second largest expense they’ll ever have,...

How Do I Know If I Got A Good Deal On a Car?

Buying a car is extremely confusing. There are add-on offers, sales prices, the out the door price, special rebates … The list goes on and on. By the time you finally agree to the numbers, you’re left wondering, “How do I know if I am getting a good deal or not?” And...

What to Do at the End of a Car Lease

When it comes to the end of a car lease, you have a few different options for what you can do. To make the best choice possible, it’s important to understand a few factors that go into the different lease-end options you have at your disposal. Deciding what to do at...

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