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Your Auto Advocate empowers you with vehicle negotiability scores, recommended offer prices, and competing vehicles in your local market.

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Get expert advice on any vehicle you’re interested in.

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Know how likely the dealer is to make a deal before you go.

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Your Auto Advocate tells you how much you should offer the dealer.

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Know how much a vehicle really costs with all fees and taxes.

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Know what price you should offer, how negotiable any particular vehicle might be, and what other options are in your area. All with the support of Ray’s Recommendation.

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Level the playing field

With access to market insights, suggested offer prices, and negotiability scores, you’re now armed with the same information the dealer has. At last, you can negotiate your car deal like a pro.

Negotiate like a pro

Armed with a suggested offer and a Negotiability Score, you’ll be one step ahead of the dealer before you even say “hello.”

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