RepairSmith & The Future of Auto Repair, With Joel Milne | Episode 22

Written by Zach Shefska

Zach Shefska is Chief Executive Officer of Your Auto Advocate. Zach co-founded Your Auto Advocate in 2019 after convincing his then retired father (sorry, dad) to join him in an attempt to make the car buying process more confidence-inspiring and consumer friendly.

November 14, 2020

Today Zach interviews Joel Milne, CEO of RepairSmith. Zach and Joel discuss the automotive repair industry, how RepairSmith helps their customers, and more. Listen to all Auto Insider podcast episodes here: https://yourautoadvocate.com/topics/podcast/


Joel MilneJoel is a serial technology entrepreneur, with a love for building consumer-facing products. Joel previously co/founded four venture-backed technology startups and brings a lifetime of experience building and operating technology companies to RepairSmith.

As a technical founder, Joel has served as CEO, COO, and CTO for his previous companies, having raised over $100M in venture financing and scaled multiple businesses nationally.

Joel began programming at age 10, started college at 16, and founded his first technology company upon graduating at 21. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Queen’s University and an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.

Joel is a member of the Forbes Business Council and named Executive Hero of the Year for Effective Leadership During COVID-19 by the Consumer World Awards. He is also an angel investor, advisor to numerous startups and active in the Southern California startup community. Joel has been featured on Forbes, Fox Los Angeles, ABC Los Angeles, CBS Los Angeles, KIIS-FM, and more. Joel is passionate about the NBA champion Raptors and super convenient car repair. 

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  1. Tony Scutari

    WIshing for a list of dealers you guys recommend. I would also wish you guys would offer a paid service where you would negotiate for me and I could avoid personal contact with a sales person.
    Great informative videos! I can not believe how naive the public is, including myself, when dealing with auto dealers! We look for best prices shopping at stores, for homes, for mortgage rates, etc., but are clueless about a huge purchase for most of us.
    Keep-up th good work!


    TEXAS. RepairSmith, come to Texas!!!!


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