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Negotiating tips, money-saving tricks, and car buying advice from Your Auto Advocate team of experts.

Success Story: Melissa

We love to hear success stories from the members at Your Auto Advocate. It’s great to see how people are putting our tools and information to use and securing excellent deals on their new purchases, sales, and trade-ins. Today, we’re going to share a success story...

What Are Car Brokers and Should I Use One?

Most people don’t look forward to buying a car. While the act of owning a new car is enjoyable enough that some people can power through it, it’s just not worth it to everyone. That’s where car brokers come in. Car brokers can help you to navigate the automotive world...

Guide to Buying, Selling, and Trading EVs

If you’re looking for a new car, you might be tempted to investigate a new or used electric vehicle (EV). An EV is powered entirely by electricity that charges your battery at charging stations. There are a number of unique factors that must be considered as a result,...

Myths That First-Time Car Buyers Believe

Car-buying myths seem to be just as common as urban legends. Nobody knows how these myths get started. We’re willing to bet they get started when someone misunderstands the terms of a deal or when they misunderstand car buying in general. First-time car buyers can...

Success Story: Rich

At Your Auto Advocate, we love to hear from our members about a great deal they’ve scored. It’s fun to see the ways that people are putting our solutions and knowledge to practical use to save some money! Today, we’re going to highlight a story from Rich about the...

How to Buy a Car in 2021

Are you thinking about buying a car in 2021? Understanding how to buy a car goes beyond just a few simple tips. To be successful (and get a fair deal), you’ll need to be aware of current market conditions, know how to find the right car, and understand what to expect...

The Different Books for Car Valuations

You need to know how much your vehicle is worth, plain and simple. However, there are seemingly countless books for car valuations out there. Which ones are worth your time and which ones should you ignore? Today, we’ll go over the different value books, examining how...

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