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How does Your Auto Advocate work?

At Your Auto Advocate we realize that there are two things in life that we all want more of; time and money. We promise not to waste either one. Our process begins with a complimentary phone consultation to determine if we both feel comfortable moving forward. After that, you pay Your Auto Advocate a one-time fee of $495, and then a former dealership employee (your advisor) will research, locate, and negotiate your car deal on your behalf. Within 3 days you are presented with 3 viable lease or finance options, with recommendations from your advisor on which is “best.” From there, you may commit to one of the presented options, or your advisor may go back to work to find you more. Once you are satisfied with one of the presented options, your advisor will organize purchasing documents and will coordinate home delivery, or a date and time to finalize your purchase in the dealership. You sign the dotted line, and you have a new car.

What’s the catch?

Fortunately for you, there is no catch. Unlike traditional auto brokers, Your Auto Advocate is not a registered car dealer, and we do not get paid by any car dealership. We aren’t selling you a car. Our only interest is in helping our customers have the most pleasant car buying experience possible. By not taking payment from dealers, or stocking our own inventory, we are able to focus and be objective in our services for our customers.

Do you get commission from the dealership?

No. Our only compensation comes from you — that’s what makes us Your Auto Advocate. We do not receive any compensation from a dealer under any circumstance.

Why should I trust you?

You can trust Your Auto Advocate. We’re former dealership employees with over 40 years of experience in the retail car business. We say what we mean, and we follow through. We value long term relationships over short term “transactions.” We understand that honesty is crucial to our collective success. And, we aspire to be your coach. Our goal is not only to create the most pleasant car buying experience, but to coach and teach you how the car business works. Why else would we upload to Youtube once a week, or post a new guide every few days? Trust takes time to build, and we hope you’ll invest some time to build that trust with us — we sure will.

Why would someone pay for Your Auto Advocate?

Why do you pay a lawyer to review a contract? Or a CPA to file your taxes? Convenience, savings, and ease of mind. If you’re busy, let Your Auto Advocate “do the hard stuff.” If you want to save money, let an expert, Your Auto Advocate negotiate on your behalf. If you want to feel confident in your purchase, let Your Auto Advocate source deal options, and recommend the best one.

Where does Your Auto Advocate work?

Your Auto Advocate can help you anywhere in the United States. Unfortunately at this time we do not have any international services.

What happens after I pay?

Within 3 days your advisor will contact you via email with 3 deal options. They will supply their recommendation for the “best” deal as well.

How long is the entire process?

For most client’s it’s between 3 and 7 days.

Who am I buying the car from?

Your purchase will be made at a registered car dealer. You are not buying the car from Your Auto Advocate.

What if I am unsatisfied and do not buy a car?

We’ll refund you 100%.

What do I get if I refer someone to Your Auto Advocate?

You’ll receive a $100 service credit towards your next purchase with Your Auto Advocate for every referral you send our way that successfully completes the purchase process. That means, if you refer 5 people who successfully buy cars, we’ll work on your behalf for free!

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