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With a Your Auto Advocate Deal Analysis you’ll feel confident that you’re not overpaying for your vehicle or paying for bogus fees.

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I watched almost every video of Your Auto Advocate and really enjoyed the banter and honesty from Zach and his dad Ray. I practiced repeating statements Ray would offer in videos when he would say, “this is what I would do…” or “this is what I would say if I was the customer…” and then I practiced that over and over until it felt natural. (I am a terrible negotiator) I was finally ready to buy my car and went in feeling fully prepared thanks to Your Auto Advocate Youtube videos and Guides from their website. They even responded to my questions on Instagram, which was wonderful.

Long story short, the car salesman looked like a deer in headlights when I started using the phrases/tools I learned from Ray and Zach. He admitted that he was very impressed and that there was “literally nothing else” to go over, since I took the lead and negotiated everything possible and asked all the right questions. I ended up getting a great deal on my 2020 Honda CRV – EX.

Erin Rohan

Lorenzo is a happy your auto advocate member
Dean Meelarp is a happy Your Auto Advocate member

Thank you so much for the advice and the enormous amount of information on your YouTube videos and website. I came across your YouTube channel by accident while doing research to buy a car (you guys were watching and reviewing Marko Whiteboard Finance guy on how to purchase a car). I also used your “email templates” as a guide on what to write to dealerships.

I found that your Market Price Report to be incredibly useful in my search. I finally put in a deposit on a preowned 2019 Acura RDX from Rallye Lexus in Glen Cove, NY. While the price listed on the web was for $34,250 and the report said suggested offer $33,428, I was able to make a deal at $33,000 (before the taxes, title and DMV fees).

Next I will be using Lemon Squad to do a pre purchase inspection. I feel so lucky to have found you guys since I haven’t owned a car in over a decade (we are moving out of New York City to Long Island suburbs).

Thank you for the bottom of my heart to the entire team at Your Auto Advocate!

Dean Meelarp

Another happy Your Auto Advocate member
john with his car
Bryce is a happy your auto advocate member
Aylielah Sevim
new truck
Erin Rohan

I started to follow your YouTube page, because I was a car salesman and I wanted to know what the people were researching before they came to see me. Your information is very factual and I’m sure helps a lot of people, because they’re a lot of old school shady salesmen still out there. I was not one of them. I always felt that $300 to $500 per car was fair. I never took $1,000 to $2,000 in profit commission from a person out of guilt and the fact that I knew I would be making them car poor.

Matt Vento

Mustang Bullitt pic

Knowledge is Totally POWER ! From being in a Upside-Down 2016 Sentra, to a 2017 CX-5 ! By watching Your Auto Advocate for Months, I have studied precisely and tested their strategies in dealerships. After being told “Crazy” & “Unreal” from those Dealers, Your Auto Advocate kept me going to keep trying! I am so Blessed to be out the Hole and into the Light for a better Car Buying Experience. Thank you The Shefska Family and Crew.

Aylielah Sevim

I wanted to thank you and your team for providing the tools necessary for a confident car buying experience.

I have been watching your content on YouTube and using the YAA tools to estimate our budget.

My wife and I bought my car today with confidence in knowing what the right OTD price needed to be. We used all the facts from KBB to your OTD price estimator and also used your new Market Price Report application.

Thank you and your team for setting us up for success during this car buying journey.
Bryce Allen

lee with his subaru

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