Car buying is broken.

We’re here to fix it.

Ray Shefska

My career in the retail automotive business started in 1977. Some aspects of the industry have evolved (information is more available than it was then, for example), while others are exactly the same. Your Automobile Advocate is my attempt to give back to the consumer. Buying a car doesn’t have to be anxiety inducing, stressful, or painful. Instead it can be confidence inspiring, fun, and convenient. Let me show you how.

Zach Shefska

I’ve always thought buying cars was simple. Call dad, ask him to help me locate the car, talk to the dealership for me, and negotiate the deal. Why were my peers stressing when it came to buying their first car? It was then that it struck me how much of a luxury having an advocate navigate the car buying process is. I had been spoiled. This realization spurred the creation of Your Automobile Advocate. Now you have access to the same expertise.