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Thank you so much for the advice and the enormous amount of information on your YouTube videos and website. I came across your YouTube channel by accident while doing research to buy a car (you guys were watching and reviewing Marko Whiteboard Finance guy on how to purchase a car). I also used your “email templates” as a guide on what to write to dealerships.

I found that your Market Price Report to be incredibly useful in my search. I finally put in a deposit on a preowned 2019 Acura RDX from Rallye Lexus in Glen Cove, NY. While the price listed on the web was for $34,250 and the report said suggested offer $33,428, I was able to make a deal at $33,000 (before the taxes, title and DMV fees).

Next I will be using Lemon Squad to do a pre purchase inspection. I feel so lucky to have found you guys since I haven’t owned a car in over a decade (we are moving out of New York City to Long Island suburbs).

Thank you for the bottom of my heart to the entire team at Your Auto Advocate!

Dean Meelarp

Dean Meelarp is a happy Your Auto Advocate member
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Don’t fall for dealer gimmicks or tricks. Let Your Auto Advocate help you navigate the car buying process all from the comfort of your home. With 43+ years of experience, we’ll teach you everything we know.

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Unlike most things you buy, you often don’t know how much a car is going to cost until you pay for it. With you Auto Advocate, you eliminate the headache.

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Enhance your research

Receive Your Auto Advocate insights directly in your browser as you visit dealership and vehicle research websites like CarGurus, Cars.com, Edmunds.com, and more.

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With access to market insights, suggested offer prices, and negotiability scores, you’re now armed with the same information the dealer has. At last, you can negotiate your car deal like a pro.

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buy with confidence

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, email threads, and online lead forms. Finally, you can organize and manage your car buying process in one place—Your Auto Advocate Deal Dashboard.

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